Stand in lineWould you Stand in Line to Buy a House?

Buyers were standing in line overnight this weekend to be some of the first in line to put deposit money down on a new condo development in Seattle. Amazingly enough the units will not be available until 2019!  Now the author of this post has camped out overnight for concert tickets before so to be judgemental is a slippery slope. BUT REALLY camping out overnight to provide a DEPOSIT on a condo that will not be available until 2019!  What has the Seattle housing market come to! On Saturday the line wrapped around the building with over 125 people waiting to give their deposits to the developers. Would you stand in line to buy a house? For more details the Seattle Times Article is good one to read.

The Seattle market has seen inventory levels drop 20% since last year. The lack of inventory is creating a buying frenzy that makes us think Bruce Springsteen is coming to play the Triple Door. Seattle's prices are growing at a rate only surpassed by Portland.  How much longer can the market increase at such a accelerated pace? King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties are all reporting significant drops in inventory.

So, Are you willing to stand in line overnight to buy a house?  Are you looking for an agent who can save you from having to stand in line? Our neighborhood experts can help you find a home you will love without having to camp out overnight!

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